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i am 7

i am David i am 7

I HOPE!!!!

I hope every new school student in school is having a great time in their new classes! I also hope that everyone likes their new teacher! I hope everyone will have a amazing and fabulous term!???????? I also hope everyone has an amazing,fabulous and wonderful class!????????????????????! I hope everyone has lots of best friends and just  friends.             from Esme 

Last day at Mabawa

What a busy day! First we taught speech and punctuation to Standards 5 and 6 and gave them gifts from Malvern Parish Y5 and Y6. The children were so pleased to receive their postcards, bracelets and letters. We also gave gave paintings and postcards from Y2 and Y3 to Standards 2 and 3. Have a look at the photos to see some very happy faces.


At break time, we were lucky to see uji being made and served to the all the children of Mabawa school. Some of our photos show the uji being cooked in a huge pot over the fire. The children really enjoyed it and I got to taste it for the first time. It was a bit like porridge made with rice. I wonder if you would like it if you were able to taste it? 


After uji time, it was lovely to see the children washing their uji mugs using water from the new rain water harvesting system. It made me feel very proud of everyone at Malvern Parish who has helped to make that project possible. 


Unfortunately, the end of a wonderful week drew nearer and I felt a little sad as we started to say our goodbyes. Mrs Allen and I thanked all the staff for being so kind to us and for making us feel very, very welcome in their school.

Another fantastic day

Well, no one told me to bring an umbrella! It would have come in handy today.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much rain in one day - even in England. If you don’t believe me, have a look at our photos and videos. 


I’ve got so many exciting things to tell you about again today. First we saw a giant land snail on the way to breakfast. It was as big as my hand! Then we went to school and taught Standard 1 numbers and animals in English. It was such fun (for us as well as the children). After that, the whole class came outside with us to plant a shrub in the garden. They said it will remind them of our visit and our link every day.


Then we taught Mr Saidi’s class (Standard 4) all about prepositions and some English words for different types of jobs. I think they really enjoyed playing a whole class game of noughts and crosses. I certainly did - my team beat Mrs Allen’s team 2:1, ha ha! At the end of the lesson we gave out the gifts from Year 4. The children were so keen to have them that Mrs Allen was nearly squashed!


It was great to see and speak to Year 4, Year 2 and reception during our live links this afternoon. Thank you all for some super questions. I hope you liked saying hello to some of the teachers here. Year 4 - did you enjoy our little walk around school. It felt as though you were really here with us. 


Once again we had some delicious food cooked for us by some lovely ladies in the school kitchen. If you didn’t see them on our live link, have a look at a video on the Mabawa page and you can see Madame Juma cooking rice on an open fire. It’s very different to our school kitchen.


First days at Mabawa

Wednesday 24th October

Wow! What a start to my first time in Tanga, Tanzania. So many wonderful experiences and adventures already.


Monday began with a visit to the Director of Education where we had to sign the visitors' book. Then we went to Mabawa school - the teachers and pupils made Mrs Allen and I feel so welcome. The older children were eager to say hello and the little ones were very curious about the strange visitors to their school.


Mabawa school was as I had imagined but greener! Perhaps this is because the plants are growing well now that they have plenty of water from the rain water harvesting system. 


On Monday we taught English to Standards 2 and 3 using songs, actions and games. Mrs Allen did some great animal impressions! 


On Tuesday we had a lovely time with Madame Mrema's reception class. We helped them to learn numbers in English and I got a very sore thumb (you will have to read Mrs Allen's blog to find out how).

We also looked at the rain water tanks which supply the new sinks and taps and saw many different vegetables and fruits growing in the Mabawa gardens. I learned some new words in Swahili - do you know what ndizi means?


This morning we visited some of the classrooms. Pupils in standards 4, 5 and 6 gave us a lovely welcome and then sang for us. I was a little surpised to see over 180 children in one small classroom Have a look at our photos if you don't believe it!

Later on we watched the Mabawa football team take part in a sports tournament at Chumbageni school. They looked very smart in their new football strip, Miss Kenny. 


It was great to see and speak to everyone at Malvern Parish in our live link today. I really hope that we can do that again tomorrow. Perhaps you can think of some questions you would like to ask the children here in Mabawa.


Later this afternoon Mrs Allen and I had a lovely surprise - we met Mr Ntulwe's family. They were so kind and welcoming to us.  It's so nice to have such special friendships with our friends at Mabawa.


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